What is Physics ?

PHYSICS is a very interesting subject that you can study in Secondary/High School/University. In this universe everything has an effect on 0ther things. If you kick a ball it will go forward. It will also fall back to the ground. What draws it back to the ground is gravity. What causes these things to happen is caused by what is called a * Force *. When you kick the ball you apply a force on the ball that makes it go forward. The Force of gravity, which you cannot see or feel, draws the ball back to earth. The Moon and Earth are effected by Forces. There are two forces in nature that we experience every day: gravity and magnetism. You may have magnets on your refrigerator, and you know that a magnet will attract a refrigerator with a certain amount of force. The force depends on the strength of the magnet and the distance between the magnet and the metal. You also know that magnets have two poles — north and south. Either pole will attract iron or steel equally well, north will attract south, and like poles will repel one another.Gravity is the other common force.

Physicists study Forces. Forces are connected to Engineering, Chemistry, Astronomy, etc.

Engineers use Maths, Physics and something Chemistry when they are designing moving objects like Satellites, Cars, Rockets, Aero Planes, and other things.

So being good at Physics is very important if you want to be an Engineer.